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Stocks have the convenience of transferable facilities that don’t require long waiting periods or periods where legal implications have to be sorted out first.

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Looking at the stock market as one huge auctioning body may perhaps help to explain the better picture on how and why stock process fluctuate. It is all a matter of want versus availability. Stocks are commonly traded on the value that is placed on it at any given time. This pricing does not in any way reflect the actual fundamentals of the said company but rather it is dictated by the interest expressed in acquiring such stocks.

Trading Stocks

Most serious investors will buy into a share based on the strengths it is portrayed to have as it presents a more stable investing option. However this does not mean that the serious investor does not partake in the buying and selling exercise just as the volatility dictates.

Trading Currencies

Forex trading is about currency trading on Forex market. The basic principle that operates on every market, applies here as well: in order to make money, you have to buy low then sell high. That’s the whole philosophy.

Trading Bitcoins

To trade bitcoins successfully, you need to have a good strategy in place. You don’t just blindly follow the news and think that because everyone’s buying bitcoins, then you should be buying too. Have a plan in place on what price you should buy bitcoins at and what price to sell them at to profit, and make sure you stick to that plan. This means keeping your panic at bay whenever you see the price drop.

Our Process


As part of your practice or training strategy, you should start small and don’t go all in when you first trade. It is fine to lose all your ‘money’ in a demo account, but when it’s real money, you don’t want to risk losing huge sums on your first day.


Learning the ins and outs of trading is great, but knowing just theory is different from real-world application. Some bitcoin exchanges offer a demo account where you can play around and experience real-world trading using real-time prices.


It’s normal to feel alarmed at the first hint of losing your money. However, as you already know markets are very volatile, and in a single day, the price can go down by hundreds or thousands of dollars. But the opposite is also true. The price can just as easily go up in the next hour or so.


The most prominent reason for investing in stocks and share is for the primary reason of quick and large returns. For some this can be done within a phenomenally short space of time while for the more serious investor who is willing to wait the profits can be equally delightful.

Courses For Any Trading Strategy

Understanding the term fundamentals, would allow the individual to make the relevant connections to the stock market movements from a more informed view.

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Both as an investing arm and as a fast money making tool the usage of stock and shares have positive values added to both these platforms. With a little in depth study it is usually fairly easy to make informed decisions on which stocks and shares to invest in and which should not be touched at all.

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